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i'm andy. i love pokemon, anime and guys.
19, vegan, english-australian.

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tattoo/piercing blog.

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Hi I’m Andrew and I’m obsessed with being thin.

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When I was in grade six, it was about the fourth time I saw a dead body in person.

A girl, only about 20 years old, jumped off the tower we had in the park.

I was the only one there at the time, the only one watching her climb up the steel staircase and watching as she climbed over the short guard rail, and saw her basically dive towards the ground.

First, as she was falling she waved her arms a little and screamed, so more people began to look towards the tower but I was closest, about 5 meters away from her maybe.

She fell onto the bike rack beneith, which I don’t think she planned, and bounced onto her back, onto the ground.

Seeing a dead body in person, one that you didn’t know personally isn’t frightening. It doesn’t make you feel sick, you have no emotion. For the few seconds while she was plumeting, you feel horrifed and your stomach churns, but the worse part is walking up to them and seeing them take their last breath.

That’s a bit saddening.

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I really wish I wasn’t so stupid and clumsy, shy and awkward.

But I like my rabbits and they like me, so it’s okay.

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If you fucking know you’ve upset someone, don’t you try and fix it?

he’s annoyed with me c:
um, so proud of it okay.